Healing at Azusa:A miracle in America!

During the Azusa centennial celebration held in Los angeles,United States from April24-29,2006(a conference commemorating 100 years of Pentecostal movement that starts at Azusa street in down town Los Angeles in 1906),God did many wonderful things.

On the last day there was prayer for the sick.National christian leaders were invited by the organizing committee to pray for them and evangelist Daniel was one of them.Many people were touched and healed by the power of God as these wonderful men of God pray for them.

Evangelist Daniel was laying his hands on the sick when a woman in a wheel chair came forward to be prayed for.She was helped by her son and grand daughter.Then the amazing thing happened.When Evangelist Daniel asked her if she believes she can stand and walk she said "soon".But when he told her that the "soon"can be "now",she agreed and after a prayer she stood from her wheel chair and start to walk by herself.Her son and grand daughter were in tears of joy and the thousands in Los Angeles coliseum were praising the Lord by clapping and shouting"Hallelujah!".

Dear friend,if you believe and pray by faith,you can see the invisible and receive the impossible. Please send your prayer request to: prayerrequest@internationalrevival.org



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