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Ethiopian Seeks to Preach in Every Nation

When he was 11 years old, Daniel Tassew Haile had a vision of Jesus. In it, he says, God called him to salvation and ministry-but Haile didn't immediately answer the call. In fact, Haile was 18 before he gave his life to Christ, and even then he didn't immediately launch into ministry. Instead, the Ethiopian youth earned a bachelor's degree and served as a mathematics teacher at a French high school. But after seven years in the educational system, he couldn't shake the burden for souls.
"The Lord had a purpose for my life," Haile told Charisma. "Prophets came and told me God wanted to send me to the nations."
It was during a missions trip to Djibouti, a Muslim country in East Africa, that Haile says God told him clearly and directly: "The time is now. Go ye into all the nations!"
That was nearly 17 years ago. Haile has been "going" full-time ever since. Indeed, Haile has preached the gospel in 50 countries, from where the sun rises in Tonga to where it sets in Samoa. His travels have taken him through 12 nations in the Middle East.
Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke credits Haile with being the first evangelist in the world to conduct an evangelistic conference in Somalia. Haile has seen as many as 200,000 people attend his healing and revival meetings, held under the banner of International Revival Ministry based in Hallandale Beach, Fla., with offices in Ethiopia and Germany.
"When I left my teaching position, the director of the school thought I was crazy," Haile recalled. "I was working with diplomats and ambassadors. I got to travel to Europe every year. The director was right. I am crazy-crazy for the Lord."
Haile has witnessed plenty of spiritual warfare during his travels. He recalls a visit to India, where there seemed to be "millions of gods waiting to welcome you to Bombay." He also remembers a trip to Somalia in 2007. There the police sought to arrest him for preaching about Jesus. He left the country before local authorities could take him into custody.
"A month ago, one of my colleagues who ran video for us was shot dead in Somalia," Haile said. "But I will still go where the Holy Spirit sends me. I am not afraid of the persecution or the prosecution."
Even more than the spiritual warfare, Haile says the bigger hindrance to widespread revival is the unbelief of Christians, along with the spirit of religion and divisiveness in the church.
That's why he has launched World Wide Witness, a mission to go to literally every country in the world and preach the gospel through crusades, seminars, mass media and the Internet. Haile has joined forces with global outreach efforts such as the Billion Soul Initiative, which is affiliated with the Global Pastors Network.
Haile also works with church leaders in Ethiopia. "We have prayed and worked with Rev. Daniel on those issues that are challenges to our country, like HIV/AIDS and the drought," said Abba Lesane Christos Matheos, secretary-general of the Archdiocesan Catholic Secretariat. "I know also that he has a vision to bring all churches together for the expansion of the kingdom of God."
Through his World Wide Witness initiative, Haile plans to go into every nation, either physically or through the media, during the next 30 years. He says God has promised him that if he sets his heart to go to the ends of the earth, and if he partners with like-minded ministries, he can make a worldwide impact.
Haile is determined, and those who know him say he is already influencing many parts of the world. Pastor Siyum G. Tsadik, general secretary of the Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia, an association of 5,000 churches with more than 10 million members, calls Haile a committed evangelist. "Haile is diligently and faithfully serving the Lord," Tsadik said. "He is a man of honesty, responsibility and deep integrity who has brought impacts here and abroad."--Jennifer Leclaire

He was interviewed by Charisma magazine,the most widely read christian magazine and appeared on TBN,the largest christian television in the world, about the global work of God.

He and his wife Betty live in Miami, Florida with their two children Jonathan( 6) and Deborah(4).

International Revival Ministry works closely with World Vision,Compassion International,YWAM,Campus Crusade for Christ and churches like the Assemblies of God,Baptists,Lutherans and Presbyterians.





-"You are the first Evangelist in the world to conduct evangelistic conference in Somalia. I believe in your vision and support the ministry"

Reinhard Bonnke,World Leading Evangelist

-"You are a great blessing to the United States ,I am proud of you and blessed to be a small part of your life" Lee Grady ,editor,Charisma Magazine

"Evangelist Daniel Haile is one of the committed evangelists in the evangelical circle. He has been traveling in to different continents to take the good news according to the great commission of the Lord.He is diligently and faithfully serving the Lord.He is a man of honesty,responsible and deep integrity who has brought impacts here and abroad."
Pastor Seyoum G/Tsadik.
General Secretary of the Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia(an association of 5,000 churches with more than 10 million members).

"Rev Daniel Haile is an International Evangelist working closely with the Assemblies of God churches here in Ethiopia and other countries.We highly appreciate your assistance to his vision of reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ".
Pastor Nigussie Woldu, Assemblies of God Ethiopia

"Rev.Daniel T.Haile is conducting meetings in city stadiums where thousands attend and draws national attention.He has been credible in his ministries and highly accepted among evangelical christian communities in Ethiopia".
Rev.Iteffa Gobena, President, Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus,Lutheran(the largest protestant evangelical denomination in the country with several million members).

"We have prayed and worked with Rev.Daniel on those issues that are challenges to our country like HIV/AIDS and the drought.I know also that he has a vision to bring all churches together for the expansion of the kingdom of God"
Abba Lesane Christos Matheos, Secretary General, Archdiocean Catholic Secretariat.



Dear Brother Daniel,
Thank you so much for all the reports! I am rejoicing with you and praise the Lord for the way He uses you. May the Lord continue to uphold you with the right hand of His righteousness. I am praying for you.
   Reinhard Bonnke (World Leading Evangelist).    
   Thank you for sharing this with Archbishop Tutu.
  Sincerely   Lavinia Browne Personal Assistant to Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu (Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Archbishop of South Africa).
  Dear bro Daniel,
I am proud of you.  keep up the good work. I have in deed read the article by Charisma. it is a great news. may the Almighty God empower you to do His will and use you to reach the multitude.
Bro Elyas(Pastor in the Middle-East).

   Dear Brother Daniel,
I am following your ministry from your email. We are praying for you. I hope your family is well and doing fine. We are fine.
God bless, Dr Negussie Tefera and Family(Renowned Church Leader and Bible Teacher).  
Dear Evangelist Daniel,
I was really flabbergasted to see those pictures at the Stadium attending your evangelistic campaings.I stopped in the middle of seeing the pictures and praised God with open arms for the opportunity and open door He has provided  for you.Daniel, the field is ripe.Leave no stone unturned to win souls for Christ. The images of important personalities were impressive. Keep it up! The Lord is with you in this historic time.  
Kebebew Daka,your prayer partner(Church Leader in Ethiopia).
  Dear Evangelist Daniel!
What a delightful news to hear from you.This can only be explained in supernatural terms. I rejoice with you in seeing God's hand working among beloved Ethiopians mightily. Thanks for the update. 
Dr.Tibebe Eshete (from Michigan University).

This looks great! 
Keep preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Charlene Jamison(General Elder,House of God Churches:East Coast of Florida Diocese).
     Wow wow wow! This is our man of God who is just the only international figure of Ethiopian evangelicals! 



Tesfahun Hatia(Chief Editor of the largest Christian Magazine in Ethiopia).  
     Praise be to God!
Thank you very much, Evangelist Daniel, for sharing with me the success story. Carry on the good work. Looking forward to see you!
Dr Tekeste Teclu:(Executive Director,Ethiopian Christians Association,An Association of 45 Ethiopian Churches in the US).  
Greeting to you Eva. Daniel.  
Thank you for sending your article from Charisma. May God help and bless you in the evangelistic ministry you are called with great and powerful anointing.
   Your brother in Christ
P.Endyrias Hawaz(Pastor,Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Minnessota and renowned Worship Leader and Bible Teacher).
To God be the glory, he is working in you both to will and to do of his own good pleasure.
  Ted Lyke, Director of Network Relationships for call2all(A Global Pastors Network Ministry that plans to bring one billion souls and plant five million churches in 10 years!).  
Dear Evangelist Daniel,
We are very grateful to God for such wonderful testimonies for the move of God's spirit. wow, we too pray  and we do request you  to pray for us that we will also experience what you are experiencing. Great miracles, signs and wonders. we desperately need your prayers.
Pastors Hudson and Mercy Suubi Uganda. 
Hello Daniel,
Praise the Lord and we rejoice with you.

Be Blessed!"
Jeff Pieper from Luis Palau Ministries.  
                                                                                                            " I rejoice  to hear the good news from the report.I am glad you came to the United States,you are a blessing to us".
  Lee Grady(Editor,Charisma Magazine).  
Dear Ev.Daniel Tasew 
  Greetings From Ethiopia
Thank you for your e-mail and updates regarding your ministry,We thank God for what God is doing in your ministry world wide. Pass my greetings to your family
 Birhan and Sara ,Berket have sent their greetings.
Aynalem Haimanot(Assistant General Secretary,Ethiopian Evangelical Churches Association,a group of 10,000 Churches and 15 million members).



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