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TBN Interview with Evangelist Daniel Tassew Haile

  Our appearancce on TBN  
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  My meeting with Barack Obama  
  God is opening us many doors to bring the message of salvation and mercy of God to leaders and influential people in different countries since the start of our ministry("If you want to change a city,pray for the salvation of the leaders"Charles Finney).The Gospel must be preached to both the poor and the rich,the famous and the man in the street,the educated and the illeterate:God is no respecter of persons!
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  My meeting with the President of Somalia  
  President Of Somalia
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  Another Article from Charisma  
  Evangelist Targets Ethiopian Community
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Daniel Tassew Haile seeks harvest of souls at RFK Stadium
  The most successful crusade  
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In Awassa, Ethiopia hundred thousand people heard the gospel in three days and ten thousand responded to the altar call in our crusade from Oct.4-7,2007


2009 in Pictures

 "And they went forth and preached everywhere,the Lord working with them,and confirming the word with signs following,Amen"Mark 16:20

  At the beginning of this year I encouraged you to proclaim"VICTORY IS MINE, IN 2009!",WOW!That's what happened to our ministry.


In July God opened a door to minister on TBN. Last month,I received a letter from the TV Network telling me that the praise the Lord program we were in, was watched by 100 million people!!
I am not sure if I will be able to preach to so many people face to face in my life time!What a privilege!Glory to God in the highest forever and ever.

We have received about 100 written invitations from nearly 25 countries mostly un-reached ones like India,Pakistan,Nepal even Algeria,Morocco and Saudi-Arabia!And of course Ethiopia,to held crusades and train leaders in the coming couple of years.We are in huge preparation for an aggressive International Evangelism!

For the first time,our ministry has started holding its own revival conferences in the US.Dallas was the first one in October followed by Seattle,in November,where the meetings were held in a gymnasium with hundreds in attendance!

Surely 2009,was the manifestation of the Divine!

The best is yet to come.I can go on and on but let me share with you,our dear prayer partners and friends of the ministry:

                2009 IN PICTURES(and selection from our reports),Are you ready?

iiA born again ex Muslim Somali lady!      
Evangelist Daniel Tassew Haile seeks to preach to Ethiopian community and every nation of the world!             
                                         NETWORK OR NOT WORK!

Help for Ethiopia,with Pres.Obama religious adviser Jim Wallis                                                    i     
"Help for Ethiopia",with Pres.Obama                                    With US Member of Congress
adviser Rev. Jim Wallis                                                                 Ambassador Tony Hall                                       
 i                                                i                          Discussion about Somalia with                       "Global Evangelism",with Exec.Dir. of
   World Vision Pres.R.Stearn.                           World Evangelical Alliance,Dr Geoff
                                                                                            (420 million members)                                                                                   

 i                                      i
"Mission Pakistan!"With a                        With Presidential candidate of Ivory Coast
  Pakistani Pastor &family                           Dr Mamadou after salvation prayer in my office                                                                                                                       
                                         Revival Seattle in Gymnasium!    

                                                     Columbus for Christ!

i                         i                                        
Healed from breast cancer!               "Jesus loves you!",to Somalia's Ex-President 
                                                                           Ziad Barre's daughter.
i         i           
   Dallas Prayer Partners                     With Rev.Samuel;Pres.of Hispanic Evangelicals        
                                                               with 16 million members;adviser to Pres.Obama

i                i
"Come help us!"North Africa       Dr Wood,General Superintendent of Assemblies of God,
        missionaries to Arabs            the biggest pentecostal church in the world(60 million)

i  i i              "Let's work together!"                          Ministry to African Americans,Miami
with Pastor Rick Warren
Author of all time best seller:"Purpose Driven Life".
                                  Ministry to Spanish Community,Miami

                 Ten of Thousands attended our gospel crusade in Chicago Stadium!

i i
                                       Jonathan(7),Deborah(6) and Betty

We will reach the Lost,You will share the Cost:Gospel Partnership!

Evangelist Daniel Tassew Haile and the International Revival Ministry team

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International Revival Ministry
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Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US with about 4million people.Ethiopians living there are estimated to be up to 120 thousand.

International Revival Ministry is holding a revival meeting in the city to encourage and empower  believers for Holy Spirit evangelism.An inspiration word from the Lord will be followed by prayer for healing and Holy Spirit baptism.

The gifts of Jesus and the gifts the Holy Spirit

We will also pray for the distribution of the gifts of the Spirit and the fivefold ministry gifts that Christ gave to the church when He ascended to heaven(Eph 4:8).Hundreds are expected to attend at the Culver Community Center which is located in a  central place for people to come from all direction of the big city of L.A.There will be also laying of hands for impartation and intercession prayer for a mighty harvest of souls in the coming months as we are planning to hold a city wide evangelistic crusade in the near future!

Local churches

Wherever our ministry go, we always work with local churches.
All Ethiopian churches in the city have endorsed the conference and have announced and distributed fliers and posters.Legendary gospel singer Adisu Worku will be singing.We expect the presence of the Holy Spirit to touch the people during the Worship,the Word and the Wonders ministry.

Los Angeles and Nineveh

As God told Jonah that He cares for the 120 thousand people in Nineveh,He also cares for the millions in L.A and the 120 thousand Ethiopians living there(Jonah 4:11).O God,send us like Jonah to our people to see a great harvest of souls! As the city of Nineveh repented and saw the greatest revival in the bible we ask you for a great visitation from your throne in the city of Los Angeles.


This is the place where a lot of impurity is spreading from,to the world.Let the people no more hear and follow what Hollywood say but what the Holy Word declares in Jesus name!As we have seen the modern day pentecostal history exploding from Azusa Street in this city let another powerful and fresh visitation come for the evangelism and salvation of millions!

Can you help us fill the gap?

 Continue to pray for us,our financial need for the meeting is 70% achieved, thank you partners for your response!Who will be filling the gap of the rest 30%?(Ezek 13:5).Don't miss this historic opportunity to sow your financial seed in a worthwile cause of evangelism.$1,000 will cover the rest of our expenses like hall rent,transportation,publicity...etc.Can I get 10 people with a gift of $100 or 20 people with a donation of $50.00?Can you do that for Revival Los Angeles?I know  some of you can do it.Please ask the Holy Spirit and obey today!We have few days left and I will be waiting by faith for your response through our website donation page, please click here or  respond in the mail through the following address.
International Revival Ministry
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Margate,FL33093(You can address the check to "IRM")

-You can also donate by phone by calling 305-725-0095

We will immediately respond to your financial gift with a thank you note and a receipt.

For World Wide Witnessing
Evangelist Daniel Tassew Haile and the International Revival Ministry team
International Revival Ministry
P.O.Box 934722
Margate,FL33093(You can address the check to "IRM")
You can also donate by going to our website in credit or debit card.Please click here

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Dr Diomande Mamadou from Miami,Florida is running to be his country's president in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast).This African nation is one of the richest country in the continent. It is the No1 producer of cacao and one of the leading producers of coffee from the world.After many years of peace and prosperity,the country is in the middle of civil war,poverty and corruption.
Dr Mamadou said he wants to bring a change to his country with the help of God.


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